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Arrano Etxea is focussed on providing shelter for exotic fauna to prevent these animals from being released into the natural environment. The high longevity of many of these animals means that their confinement requires a good deal of space, food and care. For this reason, in those cases in which the (legally owned) animals are donated by their owners, they then become part of an adoption and foster program. Account should be taken of the fact that the majority of these animals were originally acquired as pets and have lived in the company of humans. Regardless of what one may think about animal trade, the fact is that the life of each of these exotic animals cannot now be dissociated from their origin as a pet. In the majority of cases, it is impossible to consider an alternative to a permanent life in captivity.
The intention is to relocate the animals rescued and held at Arrano Etxea, by loan agreements with fauna parks or zoos, public or private. Those private individuals who would like to adopt an animal, must comply with a series of requirements:

  • Provision of adequate facilities and conditions for the species, and the number of animals in question.
  • Never have previously abandoned an animal (data cross checking with animal protection societies).
  • Registration with a microchip. This is a dissuasive measure against the abandonment of pets and ensures that these pets are registered. The expense of the microchip is to be paid by the adopter (cost price) in concept of rescue / adoption.
  • A signed commitment to permanently keep the animal in captivity, to provide adequate care and conditions for the animal's welfare, not to use it for trade, and to report the animal's death.
  • Agreement to permit a regular check-up of the animal's condition. The Rural Development Department of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa reserves the right to check the state of health and the care for the animal adopted.

With this in mind, any private individual wishing to adopt an exotic animal from amongst those held at Arrano Etxea, and complying with the conditions set out above, should contact Arrano Etxea by completing the form on this website. Further details will then be provided in relation to the animal in question, such as basic care, food, and habits of the animal to be adopted, and whether any special care is required due to its state of health, disability or behaviour.

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