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I'm unable to carry on looking after my exotic pet. What can I do?

The release of exotic fauna into the natural environment, that is animals originating from other countries or continents, may have a negative impact on the native flora and fauna. In fact, the "invasion" of exotic species is a major factor in the loss of global biodiversity. Why? Because these species compete with the native species and feed on the same resources. As a result the native species are either forced out of their habitats, catch diseases transmitted by the invaders, or are preyed on, thereby affecting the natural biodiversity of the territory. What is more, the release of exotic species can cause economic losses in some production sectors (agriculture for example).

On other occasions, the exotic animals released are unable to adapt to conditions which differ from those present in their areas of origin, and they end up dying. In these cases, there is no impact on the local fauna and flora, but it is also senseless to end the life of an animal after its period of captivity as a pet. 

Therefore, in both cases, the message to be transmitted is that in no event, and under no circumstances should an animal be abandoned or released into the natural environment. Through Arrano Etxea, the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa provides an option for those owners no longer wishing to keep their pet, and can rest assured that it will be well received and cared for.

We would insist that the purchase of a pet is something that should be done responsibly and must be thought through, because it implies taking charge of a living being that may spend many years with you and which requires adequate care and welfare conditions. You need to be well aware of the problems that may arise over time, and receive good advice on the matter.

Finally, if a pet owner is suddenly faced with a problem and has no option but to get rid of his or her pet, then Arrano Etxea should be contacted on phone 943 000420 for the necessary instructions. This service is not directed at traditional domestic pets (dogs, cats, budgerigars, etc). For these cases, we would recommend contacting your local council.

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