Arrano Etxea
recovery centre

Objectives and functions

  • The recovery of injured, disabled or sick wildlife. To ensure that the majority of the wild animals admitted to our centre are later re-introduced into their natural environment in the best possible conditions, with the maximum guarantee of survival.
  • Care for orphaned animals (birds' eggs and chicks, young mammals, etc) to ensure that, once they have finished developing, they can then be re-introduced into their natural environment.
  • To prevent wild animals from suffering unnecessarily, by lessening as far as possible, that pain and suffering that does not form part of natural processes.
  • Autopsies of those specimens that are found dead in their natural environment, in order to determine the cause of death.
  • Actions to raise the social awareness and recognition of all the values related to the work at the recovery centres: respect for wildlife; criteria for the co-existence with animals; and sensitisation with regard to the conservation of nature.
  • The dissemination of the work carried out at the Centre, through reports, conferences or publications, and assistance provided for technical or scientific projects.

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